Reber J.-F. – Far to infinity


Reber J.-F. – Far to the infinity: A diary of an imaginary expedition between the Swiss Alps and Genoa by a group of twenty young people, accompanied by adults, this story is a concentrate of memories of all the steps of the author with young people. But the particularity of this group is that some of the participants are young people from an institution for troubled teens, volunteers for this adventure.

We discover many beautiful landscapes, some incredible situations, but – above all – the internal journey of the participants, adults and teenagers. They will be confronted to each other, will have to learn to help each other, to talk to each other, to question their motivations, to remember that they have a family. They will sometimes get angry, cry, run away, but the result, on arrival, is that they have evolved and a great solidarity has appeared.

The author believes in “the salvific value of the walk where everyone is responsible for oneself” and knows how to transmit his enthusiasm for these beautiful experiences.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE