Proust Marcel – Time Recovered – In Search of Lost Time 7


Proust Marcel – Le Temps retrouvé – In search of lost time 7: “Many years have passed and the narrator, ill, has spent long periods in the provinces to heal. The war broke out and, when returning to the capital, the narrator finds that neither elegance, luxury nor the pursuit of pleasure have lost their rights. Madame Verdurin and Bontemps reign over the two most popular salons in Paris, among others by the high aristocracy of the Faubourg Saint-Germain. On the whole, people are patriotic, except for Charlus who does not hide his sympathy for the enemy. As he gets older, he engages in sadomasochistic experiences at a hotel that he bought and which he entrusted to Jupien. Realizing that his illness will prevent him from doing a literary work, the narrator despairs. During an evening with the Prince de Guermantes, he has the impression of attending a costume ball, as the old acquaintances he finds there have aged, appearing disguised. However, three minor incidents trigger in him an effort of memory which will revive distant memories. These reminiscences highlight the interest of these introspections to preserve from oblivion certain events of the past. He then decides to direct his work in this direction to complete his writing project. Victim of a mild stroke, he fears not to have enough time to realize his dream. »(Proust, his characters)

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