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Bestseller No. 1 in Personal Finance


• Explodes the myth that you need to have a high income to become rich – especially in a world where technology, robots and the global economy are changing the rules.

• Explain why asset acquisition and accumulation may be more important to your future than a large paycheque – and outlines the tax benefits available to investors and business owners.

• Shrinks the belief that your home is an asset – this is not the case, as millions of people have learned when the housing bubble burst, creating the subprime mortgage crisis.

• Reminds us of why we can not count on the education system to talk about money to our children – and tells us why financial literacy is paramount and more important than ever.

• Explain what to teach children about money – so they are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of today’s world, and enjoy life rich they deserve. The study of texts is part of the philosophy of Rich Father: to read, discuss, study, and discuss again. This edition of the 20th anniversary includes 9 sections of study sessions that you can use as guides during your reading, your re-reading, your discussions and your study of this book with your friends and family members.

ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI has challenged and changed the perception of money for tens of millions of people around the world. With opinions that often go against popular wisdom, Robert is now known for his outspokenness, his insolence and his audacity. He is considered globally as a passionate advocate of financial education.

Translated into 51 languages ​​and distributed in 109 countries, Rich Father, Father Poor has accumulated sales of more than 32 million copies. Twenty years after its release, it still holds the record of the prestigious New York Times winners for being there for more than 6 years.

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Details VO : Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Author (s) Robert T. Kiyosaki – Sharon L. Lechter
ISBN 978-2-89225-955-8
Pages 225

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