M. de Favrolles (Élisabeth Guénard) – The Three Monks (Volume 2)


M. de Favrolles (Élisabeth Guénard) – The Three Monks (Volume 2): In this second volume, the story of the three Italian monks with light morals is racing, the adventures rush and become dramatic: the imbroglio of mothers, fathers, son, and nephew are complicated to finish in apotheosis by reunion. They have just discovered during a trip with two unknown women, the secret of their origins. On this occasion, the story of a certain Christmas night in Ferrara is a piece of anthology. Thus the circle is closed, they know who they are, they love each other, and rush to announce to their lover, mother or benefactor their reunion: but they find them on the steps of the scaffold … A very romantic story with all the ingredients to excite readers: licentious love, depraved monks, crazy adventures, misunderstandings, hidden births, unpredictable reunion, murder and suicide. Élisabeth Brossin de Mere, born Elizabeth Guénard, was born in Paris in 1751 and died in 1829, she used her real name but also several pseudonyms, Boissy, Geller and for this book, that of “Mr. de Favrolles, former cavalry officer “, which gives him freedom of expression to attack the false religiosity of many monks of the time, to the dissolute and hypocritical life, and to venture into stories of forbidden love, sometimes in great detail . She was not confined in this genre almost erotic for the time. It has been very prolific, more than three hundred works, and written in all sorts of genres: History of the monarchy, scandalous chronicles, novels of morals, real or invented memoirs, moral tales, political allegories, educational books! She is not afraid of the contradiction, treats the sacred as well as the profane, the truth that the lie, her books are chaste or licentious, according to the time and the pseudonym used: A true freedom for a woman of the 18th century !

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