Gotthelf Jeremias – Uli the Farmer (Part 2)


Gotthelf Jérémias – Uli the Farmer (Part 2): Uli and Fréneli have managed to balance the management of their farm. But setbacks begin: the “cousin”, wife of old Joggeli, who raised Fréneli as his daughter, dies. His heirs quarrel and eventually ruin their father. Uli embarked on a costly lawsuit. A hail storm ruins the estate. Finally, Uli gets sick and debts accumulate. Is Uli cursed?

Gotthelf Jeremias: Pastor Albert Bitzius (1797 – 1854) who wrote a series of novels under this pseudonym is attached to his Bernese countryside terroir which he sometimes uses local language. Conservative, it highlights the peasant world, morality, religion, and refuses modernity or capitalism. The realism of his descriptions makes us discover – and relive with his characters – the rural sociality of the time. A wealth of information for the historian or the ethnologist and, what does not spoil anything, a narrator of consummate art that keeps his reader in suspense.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE