Gotthelf Jeremias – The Soul and Money (Part 2)


Gotthelf Jeremias – Soul and Money or Reconciliation (Part 2): Now that Anni has managed to reunite the Christen family, Resli, the youngest of the two boys, meets Anne-Mareili, a young girl living a few kilometers away. Between the two young people, it’s love at first sight! Unfortunately Anne-Mareili is promised to Kellerjoggi, a rich old man. Because the father of the girl is an unpleasant farmer who thinks only for profit. Between the two families begin negotiations for the eventual marriage of Resli and Anne-Marelli. But the father of her has exaggerated demands while not wanting to endow her daughter. He tries to raise the bids between the two contenders. The process is running out! It’s the quarrel between the two young people who stop seeing each other. But…

Jeremias Gotthelf is Albert Bitzius, a pastor of the early 19th century, writer and journalist. Deeply religious and conservative, he praises traditional and rural values ​​in the face of the changes of his time (industrialization, capitalism, the working class, democratization). His knowledge of the peasant society in which he grew up and which he describes in a fine, authentic way, has enabled him to write novels which, beyond the provincial framework of the campaign of the canton of Bern, are deeply human.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE