Gotthelf Jeremias – Kathi the grandmother (part 2)


Gotthelf Jeremias – Kathi the grandmother (part 2): Kathi thought she had overcome most of her ordeals, but the year, which has only just started to reserve many more, but also joys, to the population of the Emmenthal. Thus Jean, his son wounded in a fight about a girl, falls to his charge …

Gotthelf Jeremias: Pastor Albert Bitzius (1797 – 1854) who wrote a series of novels under this pseudonym is attached to his Bernese countryside terroir which he sometimes uses local language. Conservative, it highlights the peasant world, morality, religion and refuses modernity or capitalism. His stories and characters, in spite of their rusticity, often reach, in a realistic narrative, a form of universality that transcends epochs and regions.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE