Dumas Alexandre – The Testament of M. de Chauvelin


Dumas Alexandre – The Testament of M. de Chauvelin: Alexandre Dumas visits an old friend, Monsieur de Villenave. At home, a portrait of a woman loaded with memories has just broken, carried away by a gust of wind. Would this incident be the premonition of the death of the portrait woman, a dear friend? Exactly, Alexandre Dumas brings him a letter which confirms the news. This friend tells him a story he witnessed.

At the court of Louis XV, we have fun between fine dinners and games of humor. But the king is getting older, and the pleasures of his mistress, Madame Dubarry, are only partially blurring his fear of an approaching end. Fortunately, his favorite Monsieur de Chauvelin can reassure him with his wits.

But here he wants to return to his land to live with his family and put his financial situation in order compromised by the excesses of life at court. He thinks of the urgency of writing a will that protects his loved ones. But the king does not know how to do without him … And besides, what about the prediction that announces that the death of the favorite will shortly precede that of the king? Supernatural and fantastic phenomena will conclude this novel.

A brilliant description of life at the court of Louis XV and dramas as background movements that hide under the superficial varnish royal splendors.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE