Desnos Robert – Wake up state


Desnos Robert – State of wakefulness followed by: It is the boots of seven leagues this sentence “I see myself”, Mines of nothing, the bath with Andromeda, Poems on the War: “From hypnotic sleep of 1922 to the state of the eve of the forties, from the “prophet of surrealism” to the “Watcher of the Pont-au-change”, the journey of an individual is taking shape, with contrasting stages but still magnetized by the love of freedom. For Desnos “poetry can talk about everything in complete freedom. “(Presence of Literature, Canopic Network 2008) This passage summarizes very well the present collection. Resistance and occupation are ubiquitous in the poems of this period. Others are lighter and play with words, assonances not without humor. A concentrate of the art of Robert Desnos. “In the end it is not poetry that must be free, it is the poet.

Born on July 4, 1900, Robert Desnos, whose father is a representative at Les Halles, spent his childhood in a popular environment. Passionate about Hugo and Baudelaire, popular culture and comics, he published his first poems at age 19. He discovers the Dada movement, meets André Breton and joins the surrealists. Liberty or Love marks the beginning of its break with this movement. Poet engaged, he is a journalist, radio host, fight against rising fascism, supports the brigadists in Spain. Under the occupation, he became involved in the resistance in 1942. Arrested by the Gestapo, deported, he died on 8 June 1945 in the concentration camp of Theresienstadt.

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