Desnos Robert – Body and Property


Desnos Robert – Body and Property: Word games, transitions inspired by sounds, symbols or a provocative humor, underlying emotion but often held at a distance, reveries put into poems, writing that Robert Desnos strives to make in “A poetic language that is both popular and exact … familiar and lyrical” where he succeeds in “coordinating inspiration, language and imagination” in poems with free writing, in prose, as well as with verses from 6, 8 or 12 feet, this collection splendidly illustrates the great period of surrealism during which it was written. André Breton in his Entretiens, retraces the history of these years: “In addition, the one who, in this atmosphere of hypnotic sleep and the singular means of expression that he grants, will be truly in his element … it will be Robert Desnos and it is he who will durably imprint his mark on this form of activity. In fact, he will give himself to it with a romantic taste for the shipwreck that the title of one of his first books, Corps et biens, conveys. No one like him will have fallen headlong into all the paths of the marvelous … All those who witnessed the daily dives of Desnos in what was really the unknown were also carried away in a kind of vertigo; all were hung up on what he could say, that he could trace feverishly on paper … “

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