Christophe – The Fenouillard Family (2nd part)


Christophe – The Fenouillard Family (2nd part) The Bison has bad Character: “History as truthful as possible of the journeys of the Family Fenouillard, where we will see how, following several governmental and intestine crises, Mr. Fenouillard lost successively many hats, but kept his umbrella. – A book intended to give the French youth a taste for traveling.

In this second part, the reader will see the fray of Mr. Fenouillard with a connecting rod of liner. Fortunately, however, he will be able to assert his political views in free America and tame a buffalo. Then the Fenouillard family visits, involuntarily, the Sioux. Collected by a trapper, she tries to reach the Behring Strait, thanks to Madame Fenouillard’s determined impulse. The umbrella continues its exploits …

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE