Chateaubriand, François-René de – Atala


Chateaubriand, François-René de-Atala or the Loves of two Savages in the Desert: Chactas and Atala love each other … But they belong to enemy tribes and, if Atala decides, finally, to flee with Chactas in the forest, he is other impediments to their happiness … Refugees in the community of Father Aubry, they can not prevent fate despite the beneficial influence of the missionary. Scheduled to appear as part of Chateaubriand’s Genie du Christianisme but published separately, as well as René, Atala is an illustration of his praise of Christianity. Inspired by Chateaubriand’s voyage to the Americas, this short story – or this poem as he calls it – was his first literary success and not without reasons. Atala or the love of two savages in the desert, as Romeo and Juliet has the same dramatic force and the narrative of this short happiness, marked by fate, excited the young romantic generation seduced by the exotic Indian manners.

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