Bove Emmanuel – Non-Lieu


Bove Emmanuel – Non-Lieu: Arrived in France, the hero of Departure in the night and Non-Lieu finds his family and his friends. But he finds nothing but indifference and hostility. For the first time, the Occupation, previously absent from the novels of Emmanuel Bove, is at the origin of the story, but it is quickly overwhelmed by the feelings of loneliness and persecution that the hero feels. “Bove uses remarkably in his latest books this psychic drift of the character who gradually falls into paranoia to figure a sick society of the Occupation. In all, individuals indulge, sometimes to the point of perversion, in a perilous game between lucidity and falsehood, between real and imaginary. Bove touches on these dark areas that inhabit man, these areas that Edmond Jaloux called “between dog and wolf” (Marie-Thérèse Eychart The dark light of Emmanuel Bove, Europe Nov-Dec 2003) Published in 1946, one year after the death of Emmanuel Bove this book resumes the action where stopped Departure in the Night. Prolific writer, revealed by Colette, Emmanuel Bove was successful in his lifetime, before falling into oblivion, and to be rediscovered by Peter Handke in the 1980s. He was born in 1898 in Paris, but made a part of his studies at Calvin College in Geneva, then lived in Vienna and again in Paris, where he died in 1945.

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