Bove Emmanuel – A Woman’s Character


Bove Emmanuel – A Character of Woman: In 1922, an evening as can describe them Emmanuel Bove …. Among the guests, Dr. Salmand. Surgie of a rainy night, Colette, her daughter asks: four years ago she did not give news and she needs money. In love, madly, she fled with a man, Jacques. Diminished by an injury, velletic, crushed by the guilt of a crime, Jacques lets himself be carried, without really reacting, by Colette who tries everything to save their couple. Guilt will eventually win …

“Against the backdrop of massacres that can not be forgotten, ill-buried family passions, and multiple secrets, the plot is unraveling, blending Bovian themes of failure, mediocrity at all and the banality of despair. »(Media library Armel de Wismes)

Part of the plot takes place in Geneva where Colette and Jacques have taken refuge. The opportunity to recall that Emmanuel Bove was part of his studies at Calvin College. Prolific writer, revealed by Colette, Emmanuel Bove was successful in his lifetime, before falling into oblivion, and to be rediscovered by Peter Handke in the 1980s.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE