Bove Emmanuel – A Father and his Daughter


Bove Emmanuel – A Father and his Daughter: Antoine About, a man in his sixties, lives alone in a big bourgeois apartment in Paris. It has been a long time since it has occupied one room. Neighbors avoid him, people flee him. His bet is neglected, he is dirty and has shady dating. Only his maid still supports him. Yet he had a normal life, a childhood without history, a job, a wife, a girl he loved above all else. But little things have gradually shaken the facade of appearances, upsetting its fragile balance and leading to decay. He does not expect anything from life when he receives a telegram from his daughter announcing his return to him. Will it be the ultimate saving burst?

Written in 1928, in a period of very fertile creation, this short novel is one of the most accomplished works of Emmanuel Bove. At the time of its publication, Max Jacob spoke in these terms to its author: “A father and his daughter is one of the most beautiful books I know. He could be of any master the greatest: he is of you. Believe in my deep admiration.

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